Why Do I Love to Make More Money From oDesk Fixed-Priced Jobs?

Simply because I have a full-time job and the fixed-priced jobs at oDesk really work for me.

money for fixed job
There's cash in fixed-jobs!

I choose fixed-price over hourly rate jobs at oDesk since I am a full-time Technical Support Engineer already. Working with Odesk is more of a sideline or creative past time.

The good thing about fixed-price jobs is that you don’t have to use the Odesk Application which includes work diary, screenshot and odesk team. This means that you can browse through several websites and do miscellaneous stuff without worries unlike with the HOURLY rate wherein your every move is being monitored.

There is a risk though for accepting fixed-priced jobs.

While the majority of oDesk projects end successfully, please keep a few things in mind:

1. Payment is not guaranteed on Fixed Price Jobs. oDesk only guarantees payment on Hourly Jobs.

2. The Buyer decides whether to pay and how much to pay. Before you start the project, you and the buyer must agree to requirements and a budget. Once the work is done, the buyer has full discretion over whether to pay and how much to pay. oDesk verifies the buyer’s credit card at the beginning of the project, though we do not hold the money in escrow.

3. oDesk does not offer mediation or arbitration services. If you do the work and the buyer refuses to pay, oDesk will not be able to help. However, you will be able to leave negative feedback for the buyer.

To get started, just sign up at oDesk and take the oDesk Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Company Managers.


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