Get Higher oDesk Ratings to Make More Money Online

high odesk rating
The higher your rating is, the higher your earnings!

After getting the job, you must complete the assignment! Is that all? Probably, yes. But what you’re doing while you are trying to accomplish the assigned task can greatly affect your next jobs. How?

Through Ratings and Feedback.I am inspired to share my next tip because the most recent feedback from my clients are so encouraging and heart-warming. I was happy with the payment I received, but what made me happier are the positive comments and kinds words from them:

My current feedback rating is 4.91.

As for feedback policy, oDesk stated that:

Feedback is essential to the proper functioning of oDesk’s marketplace. We believe that two-way feedback improves the overall quality of the network and ensures the best possible matches between Buyers and Providers. We believe that anyone submitting feedback on another User should treat the other User with respect, courtesy and professionalism. We also ask that all Users seek to understand the reasons for success or failure of an assignment before assigning feedback to the other person. Please remember that feedback becomes part of a person’s public profile and is critical to their reputation and credibility and, therefore, their ability to successfully continue as a productive participant on oDesk.

Another good thing about the feedback system is that it is “double-blind”. You cannot see the given feedback for you until you leave feedback for the other party. Providing of feedback can be done within 14 days after completion of assignment.

Here is my tip to all aspiring oDeskers:

While Applying For the Job
– I have already provided the two versions of my oDesk tips. Here’s a recap:

oDesk Tips Version 1
oDesk Tips Version 2

Just want to add something. When submitting a sample for a job you are applying for, make sure that it is relevant for the position or job specifications. If the job posting is all about relationship articles, don’t attach previous work about loans and refinancing. Though the client can still see your writing style and check your grammar, it is still important to highlight your abilities and market your talent by showing off your best and most related work.

A provider and buyer’s feedback is based on 5 criteria. All having a 0-5 star rating, 5 being the highest:


Jazz up your oDesk profile through an impressive résumé. Fill it up with positive feedback!

On Getting the Job Done
Before working on your assignment, check the original job posting. Make sure you are following the tasks specified and meeting all the requirements. This can help you gain high scores for Skills and Quality.

Be there when the client needs you. I know that the different time zones make it challenging for all of us but allocating a little portion of your time to the buyer by informing him or her about the updates is a plus for your Availability and Communication score.

Be responsible. Be true to your words. Finish the job on time. Most clients are from US and they are strict when it comes to Deadline. There is no such thing as Filipino time. Take it from the American culture.

Be versatile and passionate about your job. When client requested you to modify something or informed you about sudden change of plan, as long as it is reasonable, take it light-heartedly. Your bonus will be reflected on Cooperation score. There are even buyers who pay more than your bid if they are highly satisfied with the job!

Hope that helps! Happy earning!


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